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In  The Zone Agilty
June 5-7 NADAC Trial
Oswego Kansas
Please download premium and email it to me at    Please paypal fees to     Please bring a signed copy of the release form and the COVID release form to the trial.  Everyone on trial grounds must sign a COVID Release Form.
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RESULTS will be posted here
If at any time before closing you do not feel comfortable with any of the new requirements, we will refund your entry. If any time, you are feeling sick or have been in contact with anyone with COVID, please stay home! A full refund will be given. 

Info will be posted here: 

This is what you can expect. Please read this carefully in its entirety.

Please do not arrive before 7:15. Someone will be there to show you were to park. Once you enter through the red gates at the end of our driveway please STAY to the right and park under the large tree ON OUR LAWN. Please try not to crowd each other or the house. We may be in harvest so it is VERY IMPORTANT that you keep our gravel driveway in and around our shop free for the LARGE equipment to enter and leave with ease. Please do not bring RV's to the trial as parking could be tight. Small van type RV's should be alright 

If possible, try to crate out of your car. Be prepared for it to be warm out. We encourage you to bring your canopy, sun shades, chairs for use under your canopy, battery fans, etc There will be some space to use easy ups around the ring. Please bring necessary stakes etc. in case it's windy!!! Crating from cars is encouraged.

Everyone is required to check-in and turn in their entry form and COVID form. Please bring your signed entry form and COVID form. Everyone on the grounds is required to sign a waiver. So if anyone is traveling with you, they also need to sign the COVID waiver. 

At Check-in all exhibitors will receive a small bottle of hand sanitizer. Refill stations will be available, but you are encouraged to bring your own as well.  


Brief Briefing will be at 8AM each day. More detailed briefing will be posted to the website. If social distancing cannot be maintained during the brief briefing, then masks will be required. 
First dog on the line shortly after the briefing. 

Face Mask are required during briefing, when walking and when going in the porta potty and any other times that social distance cannot be maintained.  

Maps will be posted on the webpage: 

WORKERS: We need people to volunteer to work classes. We cannot hold a trial without help. Courses will be nested as much as they can, but we still need to change courses and bar set. Please help as best you can. 
We will not have a leash runner. You can put the leash in your pocket, attach it to your body (not around your neck) or find a leash buddy (You need to find your own leash buddy). 

Check-in for your run with the gate steward (if we have one) Do not check yourself in. Check-in will be done verbally.

We will limit the number of people per walk throughs and require masks during walk throughs. 

Result will be posted online and sent after the trial.

Ribbons will be self serve. Please wait until all your runs are done to get ribbons. This way, you are going to to the ribbon table only once a day. There will be hand sanitizer by the ribbons. Please sanitize your hands before and after touching ribbons and ribbon bin. 

Special Awards: NATCH, Versatility NATCH, All Around NATCH, Triple Superior, Superior Versatility, Triple Triple Superior, and Triple Superior Versatility Ribbons are available if you earn them at this trial. Please let me know and I will place one at the ribbon table for you to pick up. At this point, no pictures with the judge or in the field are allowed  

Please be VERY VIGILANT once you are on the farm as there quite possibly will be VERY LARGE NOISY EQUIPMENT entering and leaving the yard for Wheat harvest. PLEASE DO NOT LET YOUR DOGS OFF LEASH!!!!!!! 

Please note when walking your dogs that no one shall go past the plane of the shop as that is
where our equipment is and will leave Carolyn’s husband working room for harvest.
Please try very hard not to let your dog pee on anything man made. 

We also understand this is a lot to digest, and this is all new to everyone, including us. We are asking for your patience, understanding, and cooperation.


From the North: (Kansas City) US 69 south to KS 7 south to the town of Columbus. Turn right on US 160 west. continue straight through Oswego (4 way stop intersection). when coming out of town you will see Mid West Fertilizer on left, then Regional Veterinary Clinic, Golf course and Vail's Auto on right. DIRECTLY accross from Vet clinic and Auto repair go left on 13000 road. Once on 13000 road you will IMMEDIATELY cross a set of Railroad tracks and the road turns to gravel. You will go 1.1 miles to our farm on right. our farm buildings and house are grey with red trim and sit up on a hill. You will enter through the two red gates at the end of our driveway. 

From the East: US 160 west into Oswego and follow the above directions from the North.

From the South: -44 east take exit 289 go right on US 60/69/66 toward Vinita then right on OK-2 north. Once in Chetopa, KS go left on US 59 north. Once in Oswego go left on US 160/59 and follow he above directions from the North. 

PLEASE be VERY vigilant when traveling our gravel road as Wheat harvest may possibly be in full swing. You very well might meet a tractor or combine on our road and please give them the right away if possible.