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 6 months 
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Luke (my 8 year old nephew) and I rescued two littermates from All Herding Breed Dog Rescue. They are around 3 months old now. Join us for the next 6 months as we raise and train our puppies! The first year of life should primarily be about relationship building and teaching life skills. Puppies are like sponges- they soak up whatever information we give them…good or bad. So it is important to to teach them how to learn and cope with life situations.  

During the month, you will see videos of life with our pups. We will show you how we teach our puppies life skills and how they live with us and our dogs. We will show videos of them in the house, on the farm, taking walks etc. We will show you various training videos, share tips and more as we train our puppies. We will show you how we train basic commands like come, sit, down but also fun connection tricks and exercises.
I will be on the road some of the time, so you will also see how I teach my puppy traveling skills!  

This is an AWESOME opportunity to not only see how I train my puppy but also see how I teach my 8 year nephew how to train his own puppy!!  

 Skills we will be working on over the next 6 months
Life Skills
-Potty Training
-Learning How to Learn
-How to COME when called
-Learning “NO”
-Understanding Boundaries and Acceptable Behavior
-Learning Sit and Stay 
-How to meet new animals (dogs, cats, pig) 
-How to settle in crate or Xpen
-How I feed my puppy 
-Nail cutting
-Teaching Manners (no biting, no jumping etc)
-and more

Relationship Building Skills
-Teaching Tricks
-Playing Fun Games
-Teaching ‘YES’ means correct behavior
-Teaching Structure

Basic Skills
-Putting on Collar
-Leash Walking

Traveling Skills
-How to Live in the Motorhome with my 5 other dogs
-How to walk and go potty at rest areas with trucks and load noises
-Learn about Trial /Seminar Environments

Other Skills
-Toy Training 
-Place, mat Training
-Front Feet Targeting
-Back Feet Targeting
-Surface Training 
-Puppy Fitness Stuff

Class will reside on a private facebook group where I will post videos, tips etc. You can comment and ask questions. 

For more info email me at 
​For info about me:

Enroll now through August 31st

Class time frame: Start on August 24th and End February 24th

Cost:  One time payment of $100 or $20 a month for 6 months

Luke and Lisa Puppy Show
Relationship Building, Life Skills and Groundwork
Example of a puppy training session
If you sign up for the ITZ Bonus/Stakes Prep Class, this puppy class is free.    Click here for more info: