My goal is to have amazing relationships with my dogs and for them to run fast and efficiently well into their double digit years. The core of my training philosophy is based on solid foundation skills and consistent handling to motivate my dogs in a fun and positive way. I use a positive reward-based system of training and err on the side of rewarding too often than not enough. I usually train with a toy in my hand and break skills down into small increments so I can reward frequently. I take the responsibility to maintain my cues in a clear, crisp, calm and confident manner for my dogs. This gives my dogs confidence that they can trust my cues which builds our relationships, speed, drive and distance. As a skill trainer, I focus on developing, refining and rewarding obstacle performance and handling moves when I train. I believe groundwork and foundation skills are the building blocks to success. I train in short fun sequences so I can train various handling options, push for distance and reward often. I train skills and obstacles so that my dogs are confident in their ability to understand my cues and to perform obstacles efficiently, at speed and at a distance. 

While I primarily compete in NADAC, my training and handling philosophy translates to all venues.  Path work is paramount in all venues. Being able to draw efficient lines, speedy independent obstacles, and providing clear and consistent cues help teams compete successfully in all venues from Teacup to USDAA. 

I grew up in the horse world training and showing Quarter Horses as well as dabbling on the racetrack. I also played volleyball and softball. The skills I learned training and competing in other sports have transferred to dog training. I currently have five Border Collies including a young puppy. The four older dogs are competing now and one is deaf (Synergy). Running a deaf dog has brought a new element of training which has made me a much better handler and trainer. I has owned, trained and completed with 12 dogs (including a lab, a Brittany and an Australian Shepherd) which have ranged from soft to hard and slow to fast and novice to multiple championships. This brings real life experiences into her training that includes good foundation training, skill training, motivation and consistent, clear handling all in a fun positive way. 

I am a consummate learner. I continue to take classes and attend seminars whenever possible. I continue to evaluate my training and adjust accordingly. I put on many seminars across the continent and in doing so, I meet lots of different teams with different issues. This has taught me to be open minded, to think on my feet and outside the box! I love to be challenged and to help people succeed. 

After working with me, you can look forward to a free invite to my training group- full of people around the continent who are all interested in helping each other to succeed and grow. There is nothing I like better than celebrating success together and I look forward to working with you!