​Power steering is what helps you turn your car with ease. The driver has better degree of control over vehicle and driving becomes more effort free.


Being able to steer our dog through the agility course is essential. Adding distance and power steering is very useful and fun!! In this class, we will go HOW and WHEN to cue your dog to turn properly for here/come (turn towards you) and switch/flip (turn away from you). We will go over body language, verbal cues and motion to cue your dog to turn. We will practice sequences to teach steering cues and then add more distance to each sequence. This class will show videos of how I taught my puppy (around 11 months in most of the videos) to turn and how I taught him to turn at a distance. In many of these videos, it is the first time that I’ve done these exercises with him so you will see how I teach him to turn and how I troubleshoot and help him to be successful. I will also include videos of my elite dogs Synergy Tandem JP7and Revolution as I push for more distance. 

Step by step instructions, videos and assignments are given. Multiple videos with different dogs will be shown including my young pup Inspire.  

Why take this class:  
oWhat cues to use to teach your dog to turn towards you and away from you
oWhen to cue your dog to turn
oHow to tighten up turns
oHow to build and increase directional skills at a distance
oHow to use targets and toys to teach directionals at a distance
oHow to turn out of a tunnel 

What level? Open to all dogs over 10 months that can perform hoops or jumps and tunnels. 

Required space: 50x60 Required equipment 2 tunnels and 6 jumps or hoops

Lisa Schmit has developed a comprehensive and effective training program to teach distance. The goal of our training program is to instill knowledge, confidence and skills to work away from your dog. We make learning to drive into the distance zone positive and fun! This class is designed to give you the information you need to successfully teach your dog to drive forward at distance.

Disclaimer: The information in this class may overlap or appear in other classes due to the foundation skills needed.

Drive Into the Distance Zone: Power Steering

Distance: Absolute Trust ~ Ultimate Rush
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