Are you ready to start test driving your distance skills? Have you taken my other distance classes and are ready to push for more distance? 

This class is designed to push teams for more distance. It is not a class to teach foundation distance skills (Drivers Ed, Driving Forward or Turning) but to test these skills out and develop the handling skills needed for distance.  With each lesson, multiple sequences will be given with multiple handling options to push for more distance. We will go over when to cue and what cues to direct your dog through the sequence at a distance. Handling instructions, videos and assignments are given. Multiple videos with different dogs will be shown.

This is a 5 lesson class. A new lesson will be posted every 2 weeks.  
Lessons will be posted on : 
March 19, April 2, April 16, April 30, May 14

A new class session will be offered every 2 months. Each session will have different sequences so that you can continue to take this class and test and increase your distance skills.

Why take this class:  
oYou have taken my other distance classes and are ready to push for more distance
oTest your distance skills on different sequences
oHow to build and increase distance skills

What level? Open to all dogs over 18 months that can perform all the equipment and have foundation distance skills. We will troubleshoot how to work on each sequence and skill, but this is not a class to teach the foundation skills that are taught in my Drivers Ed: Learning to Drive in the Distance Zone, Put the Pedal to the Medal and GO and Power Steering. 

Lisa Schmit has developed a comprehensive and effective training program to teach distance. The goal of our training program is to instill knowledge, confidence and skills to work away from your dog. We make learning to drive into the distance zone positive and fun! 

Drive Into the Distance Zone: 
Test Drive Your Distance Skills
Online Class
taught by Lisa Schmit, PhD, CCFT, CPMP

Distance: Absolute Trust ~ Ultimate Rush

OPEN MARCH 19th- March 26th

Due to our current circumstances, I am reducing the class fee to $79 and opening up this class early. To reduce costs, I am offering this class via Facebook only. A private facebook group has been setup for this class.  

1st lesson is already posted so you can get started right away!
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