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In honor on Canine Fitness Month, each week I am going to post a conditioning video showing exercises I do when traveling in my RV. I have been traveling in my RV with 4 active Border Collies and a 14 year old Aussie for the past 6 weeks doing seminars and trials. Each video I will use ‘stuff’ that is available to me either at the campground (trees etc) or items I have in my RV (cones, bucket etc) or not equipment at all.
Please join me in keeping dogs fit !! Feel free to post your videos below.  

Week 1: Tree and Cone Conditioning 
Going around 1 Tree:  
Going around 2 Trees: 
Going around 2 cones: 

Here is week 2 of my conditioning on the road series in honor of Canine Fitness Month !!  
This week ‘s videos were filmed at a rest area north of Louisville KY. The exercises need no equipment and can be done on leash This video includes exercises I did with my 14 year old Aussie Cuba and my 7 year old Border Collie. Please join me in keeping dogs fit !! 

For more information on my classes,  private instruction or to inquire about bringing me in to do a seminar email me at