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At 2016 NADAC champs we had a combo Xhoopers/Regular class. It was a BLAST. Two of my dogs got 3rd and 4th respectively. In order to qualify for 2017 NADAC Champs, your dog needs at least 2 XHoopers Qs. It has been stated that we will have a Xhoopers/Regular combo class again next year only it will be more advanced that this year. So I am offering this course so that we can go over how to teach Xhoopers skills and how to run Xhoopers courses!!  

Here is the 2016 NADAC Champs Xhoopers run with 2 of my dogs: 

Here is an example of an Xhoopers training session: 

Here is an example of Elite XHoopers and Barrelers run: 

Week 1: We will define and show various directional cue and go over cueing your dog using body language, verbal cues and motion. We will discuss targeting, luring and rewarding.

Week 2: Basic level Directional Cues used in the Hoop Circle WITHOUT Gates. We will go over some common sequences seen in Xhoopers without the Xpens so that we can go over what cues you need to be successful performing these sequences. 

Week 3: This week we will go over the sequences we did in the previous week and add the hoop circle or at least 2 Xpens if that is all you have!

Week 4: More combo sequences with the Hoop Circle. 

Required equipment:. Minimum of 8 hoops and 2 Xpens or 6 gates.. We use 6 Xpens or 18 gates for the entire hoop circle. If you do not have enough Xpens/Gates we can break down the sequences in order to work with what you have (minimum of 2 Xpens, 6 gates). 

A facebook page will be setup to post my videos, lectures and discussions. Working participants will post their videos. Everyone is welcome to comment and ask questions.  

Dogs of any level are welcome. Dogs must be at least 7 months old to participate.  

Auditing $50. 

LIMIT: 10 Working Spots, unlimited auditors

Email me at for more info and questions!
To visit my online learning page:

I also have other online classes available anytime – Startlines, Foundation for Contacts, GO GO GO, Jumping, barrels and conditioning!