You can audit and receive the notes and video links, or you can work it and video tape the exercises and send them to me for critique.  

Lisa Bonker, PhD, CCFT, Fitpaws Master Trainer

This class will teach you how to fun fitness exercises using the Fitpaws Fitbone. We will go over exercises using the fitbone with emphasis on proper form and technique. These exercises will help improve body awareness, flexibility, balance, front, hind-end and core strength. It will also increase your bond/relationship with your dog. Assignments with the bone will be given as well as exercises to work on the ground for future assignments. Step by step instructions, videos and assignments are given. Multiple videos with different dogs will be shown. I will give detailed feedback and suggestions and many times request the exercise to be redone.

Required equipment: At least one fitbone (2 is better J) and an aerobic bench or something comparable (board, couch cushion)  

A facebook page will be setup to post my videos, lectures and discussions. Working participants will post their videos. Everyone is welcome to comment and ask questions.  

Fees- Working Spot: $150. This fee includes analysis and feedback for up to 6 student training videos.  
Auditing Spot: $75

If you are interested, please email me at
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