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You can audit and receive the notes and video links, or you can work it and video tape the exercises and send them to me for critique.  

This class will teach the foundation training for consistent, fast and independent 2 on 2 off contacts with emphasis on the back feet. (Please note, that some dogs may prefer 4 on the contact, but I still start out my dogs with the same foundation). Step by step instructions, videos and assignments are given. Multiple videos with different dogs at different stages will be shown. We start out with teaching backup to a mat, then to a bench or board and progress to running on a board on the ground. At each stage, we train distance and vary our location. This is a great class for teaching contacts, but also for those that need more distance off of contacts and or lateral distance. 

Required equipment: bench or board, a long plank.-you can use a long board on the ground or the dog-walk ramp on the ground. We will be doing backing up ‘something’.. it can be a bench, a couch cushion, fitness equipment etc. You will also need to videotape and upload to you-tube. Your videos must be edited so that I am seeing the exercises and the superfluous stuff (like chasing the ball, setting the up etc) is edited out.

There is a facebook foundation for contact page where I posted my videos, lectures and discussions. Past students videos are also available for you to watch. If you are on not on facebook, we can communicate via email. I will send you the notes and links for assignments. You can send me your you-tube links.

 I would appreciate if you would "trim" the videos so that I only receive the requested exercises so that I will have more time to provide input.

Working Spot: $100 This fee includes analysis and feedback. 

Auditors: $50 have access to my notes, videos and responses as well as working student videos, questions and comments. 

This class consists of 
1: Startlines ,Releases and Rewards
2: Backup to mat
3: Backup to Bench
4: Backup to Bench skinny side
5: Start board work
6: Start moving on board add hoop
7: Entire boardwork

Dogs of any level are welcome. This is also great foundation class for puppies 4 months old and older as well as dogs already competing that need help with distance with contacts.