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taught by Lisa Bonker, PhD, CCFT
FITPAWS Master Trainer 

The FitPAWS K9Fitbone is my favorite piece of conditioning equipment! There are so many exercises you can do using 2 bones and a bench! Many people have learned how to use the bones, but are not sure how to put the exercises together for a complete workout! In this class, I will show you 2 complete exercise workout plan for the week using fitbones (and sometimes bench)! Each workout will show you at least 5 different exercises. These exercises will engage core, front and rear limbs and are geared toward improving strength, balance, body awareness and flexibility.  
Conditioning your dog is not just about putting your dog on equipment. It is very important to have the correct body position and to use equipment in a safe manner.  In this class, I will go over proper form and technique.

This is a 4 week class that will show you 8 different Fitbone workouts. 

Required equipment: 2 Fitbones and bench(or board).

Time Frame: Available anytime. You have access to this class for a year.
Fees- Working Spot: $100. This fee includes analysis of your videos and feedback 
Auditing Spot: $50 (there is an option for video review of specific lesson for $20 a lesson)

If you are interested, please email me at

*Please note that I am not a veterinarian, a certified rehabilitation specialist nor a veterinarian technician. I am a FITPAWS Master Trainer, and a certified canine fitness trainer through the university of TN. I have taken many classes, seminars, workshop on Canine Conditioning as well as reading and watching many books and DVD’s. The exercises taught are geared toward healthy dogs. I do not treat or diagnose problems. Please consult with a vet, physical therapist, chiropractor or rehabilitation expert prior to starting any exercise conditioning program.