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         STARTLINES !!


You can audit and receive the notes and video links, or you can work it and video tape the exercises and send them to me for critique.  

​In this course we will go over how I teach and proof startlines.  Many video lectures are provided including my elite dogs, my deaf dog that is learning a new release and my sister's untrained dog! 

Required equipment:1 Hoop or jump

WORKERS: You will videotape and upload your videos to youtube. A facebook page has been setup to post my videos, lectures and discussions. Working participants will post their videos. Everyone is welcome to comment and ask questions.  

Dogs of any level are welcome. Dogs must be at least 7 months old to participate.  

WORKING SPOTS: $100   You will have 3 months to complete the assignments
Auditing $50. 

Email me at for more info and questions!