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Teaching Directionals is an extremely important part of agility training! Dogs need to know where to go In this class, we will go how to cue your dog to turn properly !! We will go over body language, verbal cues and motion to cue your dog to turn.  

Equipment: 2 tunnels, 1 barrel and 5 hoops. Bonus Week includes aframe and weaves. 

There are 4 lessons but a bonus lesson !

A facebook page will be setup to post my videos, lectures and discussions. Working participants will post their videos. Everyone is welcome to comment and ask questions.  

Dogs of any level are welcome. Dogs must be 6 months old and older. 

Auditing $50 

If you audit and would like me to look at a video of a specific exercise, the fee is $20 per lesson. 

Email me at for more info and questions!