Marcy Matties and Odie
Silver Stakes Champion 
and Bonus Cup Champion
Stefanie Bowers and Bubbles
Starter Stakes Champion and
 Bonus Cup Champion
Becki Umberger and Keaton
Starter Stakes Reserve Champion 
Chris Chapman and Piper
Double Digit Mini  Champion
Shelly Wegman and Raena 
Large Dog Vet Reserve Champion
Shelly Wegman and Myka
Large Dog Reserve Champion
Maggie Durman & CJ
Medium Dog Vet 
Reserve Champion
Maggie Durman & Aurora
Medium Dog 
Pre-Elite Large Dog Champion
Sam Lietz & Squeek
Elite Vet Mini Reserve Champion 
Bling - Starter Stakes- 2 Sashes
Alice Moyer & Zee
Mini Dog Reserve Champion
Doug Diehl & Watson 
Large Dog 4th Place Overall
Karla Vialle & Jo
Large Dog 5th Place Overall
Carolyn Rothfusz & Jax
Small Dog Challenger Winner

Kim Sullivan & Harmony
Medium Dog Challenger Winner

MaryBeth Witherow & Lilly
Large Vet Handler Reserve Champion
Karen Hough and Bosch
Large Vet Handler Champion
​Carol Lex & Little Bit
Pre-Elite Mini 3rd Place

Carol Hoffman & Kat
Large Vet Handler 3rd Place

Kathy Measer & Conley
Pre Elite Medium 4th Place

Elite Vet Handler
Marcy Matties  & Dublin 2nd
Marybeth Witherow & Lilly, Kathy Measer & Conley , Kim Sullivan & Harmony 3rd place
Elite Vet Dog Team
Stephanie Reitz and Fly- 1st
Sandy Langon & Dusty 2nd Jonelle Wolff  & Macy 2nd
Marsha Orrick & Zou Zou 3rd

Sandy Langan and Dusty
Sandi Johnson and Ginger
Lynn Broderick & Quick

Marsha Orrick and Zou Zou

Stephanie Reitz & Fly
XL Larget Vet Dog 4th Place Overall 
Mary Bondurant & Tanner
​Jonelle Wolff and Macy
Laura Henrich & Barney

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Stephanie Reitz & Fly
XL Larget Vet Dog 4th Place Overall