Lisa Schmit, PhD, CCFT, CPMP has been active in agility for over 20 years. She is a NADAC Certified Clinician, Certified Pet Massage Practitioner, FITPAWS Master Trainer, Certified Canine Fitness Trainer and a member of Bobbie Lyon’s K9 FitClub. She gives agility and conditioning seminars across the continent. Lisa hosts over 15 NADAC Trials yearly as In The Zone Agility and In The Zone Agility of Illinois. Lisa has come home from the NADAC Championships with seven trophies with 4 different dogs. In 2017, her four dogs earned 26 NATCHES and 10 Speed Stars. At the 2017 NADAC Championships, Revolution was Reserve Champion, JP7 achieved 4 sashes in Starter Stakes, and Tandem and Synergy also made it to finals. In 2015, Tandem won the highest number of Bonus Points Trophy in Starter Stakes (class at champs that required high level distance skills). From 2008-20011, Moxie and Lisa won their class at champs! In 2007, Expedite won the Skilled Veteran Class and in 2006 Haley (Brittany) won Double Digit Class. Her dogs are consistently in the NADAC Top 10 with Jet was the Highest Scoring Skilled Dog in 2007 and Moxie the Highest Scoring Skilled Dog in 2008. Revolution, JP7, Tandem, Synergy, Moxie and Expedite have also earned numerous NADAC Platinum Speed Star Awards. Revolution, JP7, Tandem, and Synergy have also earned numerous NADAC All Around NATCHES and Speed Stars. Lisa and her dogs have earned over 100 NATCHs. Eight of her dogs have qualifying bonus runs. To view a complete list of accomplishments, videos of runs and photos please visit 

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Here is my Training Philosophy

Lisa currently has five Border Collies including a young puppy. The four older dogs are competing now and one is deaf (Synergy). Running a deaf dog has brought a new element of training which has made her a much better handler and trainer. She has owned trained and completed with 12 dogs which have ranged from soft to hard and slow to fast and novice to multiple championships. This allows Lisa to bring real life experiences into her training that includes good foundation training, skill training, motivation and consistent, clear handling all in a fun positive way.

She is a Certified Canine Fitness Trainer through University of Tennesee
She is a Certified Pet Massage Practitioner through  the Pet Massage Institute.  


Member of Bobbie Lyons K9 Fit Team
Train the Trainers Conditioning Seminar with Bobbie Lyons, November 2017
Shaping for Fitness taught my Bobbie Lyons, Summer 2017
Warming up Cooling Down Flexibility taught my Bobbie Lyons, Winter 2017
Jumping Gymnastics taught by Dr Leslie Eidle and Sarah Stremmings, Summer 2016
Bobbie Lyons Advanced Conditioning Instructor Seminar, August 2016
Cavalettis taught by Bobbie Lyons, Spring 2016
K9Fitness is Small Places taught by Bobbie Lyons, Spring 2016
Jumping Power taught by Bobbie Lyons, Winter 2016
Conditioning for Jumping 2 taught by Chris Ott, Winter 2016
Canine Conditioning –Sports Applications taught by Debbie Gross, Winter 2016
Preventing and Addressing the Iliopsoas taught by Debbie Gross, Winter 2016
Bobbie Lyons Advanced Conditioning Instructor Seminar, Nov 2015
Certified Canine Fitness Trainer (CCFT) through the University of TN, January 2016
Passed FITPAWS Master Trainer Course , September 2015
Fit to Work Seminar at Penn Vet Working Dog Center taught by Dr Cindy Otto, August 2015
Shoulder and Elbow Rehab taught by Debbie Gross Summer 2015
Iliopsoas Strengthening and Injury Prevention taught by Dr Leslie Eide Summer 2015
Conditioning for Jumping taught by Chris Ott and Frankie Joiris Summer 2015
Those Bum Knees taught by Debbie Gross Summer 2015
Structure and Movement taught by Sue Ailsby Summer 2015
Injury Prevention: Psoas and Shoulders taught by Bobbie Lyons Spring 2015
Fitpaws Master Trainer Seminar, April 2015
Private Consult with Dr Katie King, Canine Chiropractor, February 2015
Canine Health Education Seminar, February 2015
Canine Fitness Trainer Course 1-4 taught by Deb Gross February -August 2015
K9 X Training taught by Bobbie Lyons Winter 2015
K9 Conditioning 2 taught by Debbie Gross Winter 2015
Bobbie Lyons Instructors Conditioning Seminar December 2014
K9 Conditioning 1 taught by Debbie Gross November-December 2014
K9 Fitbone Class taught by Bobbie Lyons Fall 2014
Yoga Fusion Workshop with Chris Ott July 2014
Agility Foundation & Puppy Performance with Bobbie Lyons & Daisy Peel - Winter 2014
Balance Your Blades taught by Bobbie Lyons and Debbie Gross- Winter 2013
K9 Conditioning 2 taught by Bobbie Lyons –Fall 2013
The Enigma of Illiopsoas taught by Bobbie Lyons and Debbie Gross Summer 2013
K9 Conditioning and Body Awareness Class taught by Bobbie Lyons Spring 2013
Sports Injury and Prevention Workshop with Dr Fuoco April 2013