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JUMPING CLASS. In this class, we go over my favorite jumping exercises as well as some conditioning for jumping exercises.  


You can audit and receive the notes and video links, or you can work it and video tape the exercises and send them to me for critique.  

Required Equipment: 4 jumps (preferably 5 for bounce chute), Jump-tunnel C exercises has a tunnel in it.  Four of these exercises require about 20x30 area. The advanced pinwheel, jump tunnel and bounce needs more space.  You have 3 months to complete this course if you are working so you could work some small sequences first inside and move outside if you have more room when weather gets better.

There is a facebook jumping page where I posted my videos, lectures and discussions.  If you are on not on facebook, we can communicate via email.  I will send you the notes and links for assignments.  You can send me your you-tube links.

Working Spot: $150 This fee includes analysis and feedback for up to 7 student  videos.  You will have 3 months to complete the videos. 

Auditors $75 : have access to my notes, videos and responses as well as working student videos, questions and comments if you are on facebook.  If you are not on facebook, I will send you  my lectures and video links.

Reward Explanation
1 Jump BEND
One Jump Exercise
Jump Tunnel C
Bounce Chutes