Born 1/2007

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ACCOMPLISHMENTS - SHE BECAME DEAF in 2015 due to giving her gentimyacin for ear infection
2017  Finalist in Double Digit Division at NADAC Championships (finished 8th overall) Platinum All Around Speed Star, NATCH 8,NATCH-7,Versatility NATCH-5,  All Around NATCH 3 All Around NATCH 2, Top 10 7th in Barrelers,   3rd in Breed in barrelers. 
2016 NATCH-6, All Around NATCH
2015  Platinum Speed Star 2
2014- V NATCH-4  Platinum All Around Speed Star ,NATCH-4, NATCH-5
2013 Platinum Speed Star, Versatility Platinum Speed Star, NATCH-3 Versatility NATCH 3, NADAC Championship 16" Reserve Champion, top Tunnerls YPS of 9.62 !!!
2103 champs videos:
2012 Elite All Around,  Elite Triple Superior,Triple Superior Versatility, NATCH-2 Versatility NATCH 2 Triple Triple Superior, Triple Superior Versatility, 2 more Tunnelers over 9 yps
2012 Top 10 DRI over 100
2012 had a litter of 4 puppies -- I kept two :)
2011 NATCH Versatility NATCH
2011 TOP TEN DRI's OVER 100 8th Place 
2011 Champs: 2nd Place TouchnGo Regular 2nd Place and 7th Place 
2011 TWO over 9 yards per second Tunnelers RUNS !! WOHOHOOOO
2010 SKILLED TOP 10: #3 Hoopers #3 Tunnlers 2010 Champs: Round 1 & Round 2 Tunnelers 1st Place. Regular Round 1: 4th Place. then she came up lame :(

Synergy 2nd place Overall 16 
Synergy Round 1: 1st Place
Synergy Round 2: 3rd Place
Synergy Round 3: 9th Place
Synergy Round 4: 5th Place
Synergy Round 5: 1st Place
Synergy Round 6: 7th Place
Synergy Round 7: 4th Place
Synergy FINALS
Syn was bred to Paula Goss' Trae and she had 4 puppies. I kept two:)  Adams (now Cade) is loved by Paula Goss. Jefferson (now Ketch) is loved by Leanne Lohmeyer