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2017 Platinum All Around Speed Star, NATCH-6, NATCH-7,  NATCH-8, NATCH-9, Versatility NATCH-6,  All Around NATCH 1, All Around NATCH -2 Platinum Speed Star-3, 

2016  NATCH 6,  V-NATCH-5,  Platinum Speed Star -2 , Platinum Speed Star 3, Platinum Speed Star 4
Versatility Platinum Speed Star -2  4thPlace Overall NADAC Champs

2015  Highest Number of Bonus Points Winner in Starter Stakes NADAC Champs

2013  2nd Place Overall in Starter Stakes  NADAC Champs
Available to select bitches
20" 40 lb Border Collie 
 OFA Good CEA Clear  Born 11/2009
Tandem is my heart dog. He has been a joy in my life from the moment I picked him up at 8 weeks old. He has an AMAZING temperament. He is so easy going and wants to please. He gets along well with all dogs and people. Structurally, he is put together very nicely. He has nice front, nice length of back and good rear. At 3 years old, he was Reserve Champion at the NADAC Championships in Starter Stakes which is a distance class. He also is very fluid ,smooth, long strided fast dog. He has gone over 9 yards per second in tunnelers, over 6.6 yards per second in regular, and hits over 7 yards per second in jumpers and TouchnGo.