Drive Into The Distance Zone
In The Zone Online Distance Program
Lisa Schmit, PhD, CCFT, CPMP

Distance: Absolute Trust ~ Ultimate Rush

I am super excited to be offering my Drive Into The Distance Zone Online Distance Program. I have developed a comprehensive and proven training program to teach distance. The goal of this training program is to instill knowledge, confidence and skills to train and handle any level of distance! We make learning to drive into the distance zone positive and fun for both the handler and the dog.  

Let’s face it---we are not getting any younger!! Having distance skills will help us to continue to run our dog as we age, get tired or even get hurt! Being able to work away from our dog opens up many handling options for any agility class or venue. Plus, every agility venue has a class that requires distance skills. So having distance skills is important and useful for many reasons!!

 There are many elements to distance training and I have broken them down into specific classes to work specific skills. We start out with Drivers Ed 101: Learning to Drive into the Distance Zone.. In this class, we go over the extremely important foundation skills to teach distance! This class does not require a lot of room. You can do many of these exercises in your living room, basement or garage. This is a great class for puppies as well as adult teams ready to teach cues for groundwork exercises for distance. Foundation training is integral for distance training! The next class in Driving Into The Distance Zone Program is putting the Pedal to the Metal. In this class, we will be doing my favorite driving forward exercises to teach our dogs to go go go! The next class is Power Steering. In this class, we will work on teaching our dogs power steering and pushing for more distance. Next, is learning to drive in the passing zone. In this class, we work on layering and lateral distance. There may be more classes added! 

Click on the links below or for more information about each class

1: Drivers Ed: Learning to Drive into the Distance Zone 

2: Put the Pedal to the Metal-GO GO GO 

3: Power Steering- Turning at a Distance

4: Learning how to Drive in the Passing Lane  

5: Test Drive Your Distance Skills  

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