When driving, passing lanes make it possible for traffic to run smoothly, helping people get to their destinations more quickly. When driving, it is important to know which lane you should be in and how you should drive within that lane depends on your speed, direction of travel, if there is a turn coming and other factors.  

Sounds like a great way to drive your dog into the distance zone with lateral distance and learning to layer (pass) obstacles!!

Being able to layer obstacles and have lateral distance opens up many handling options!  
Lateral distance is a very useful skill to have. The more lateral distance you have the easier it is to send your dog forward at a distance. It is also very useful to be able to layer obstacles on a course. In this class, we will go over how to teach and become comfortable with lateral distance and layering obstacles. We will go over body language, verbal cues and motion to cue your dog to keep working laterally away from you. We will practice sequences to teach lateral distance and layering obstacles and then add more distance to each sequence.

This class will show videos of how I taught my puppy (around year old in most of the videos) lateral distance and how I started layering obstacles with him. In many of these videos, it is the first time that I’ve done these exercises with him so you will see how I taught him these skills as well as how I troubleshoot and help him to be successful. I will also include videos of my elite dogs Synergy, Tandem ,JP7and Revolution as I push for more distance.
Step by step instructions, videos and assignments are given. Multiple videos with different dogs will be shown including my young pup Inspire.
What level? Open to all dogs over 10 months that can perform hoops or jumps and tunnels Required space: 60x60.
Required equipment: 2 tunnels and 8 jumps or hoops

Why take this class: You will learn -
How to teach lateral distance
How to teach you how to layer obstacles
What cues to use to keep your dog working away from you
How to build and increase distance skills
How to use targets and toys to teach distance
What level? Open to all dogs over 10 months that can perform hoops or jumps and tunnels.

Disclaimer: The information in this class may overlap or appear in other classes due to the foundation skills needed.

In the following video, you can see how Lisa uses lateral distance and layering to run her dogs.

Drive Into the Distance Zone: Learning to Drive in the Passing Lane

Distance: Absolute Trust ~ Ultimate Rush
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