Available to Select Bitches
Born Oct 2012
21"  43 Lb Border Collie
OFA Good

Pictures of JP7

​JP7 Pedigree

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JP7 is Synergy's son and Revolution 's brother! He is a very high drive dog but has an off switch. He is an awesome agility dog that runs with great speed. He is built for speed with his long back and long legs. He has run tunnelers and Extreme Hoopers in over 9 yards per second. He gets along well with other dogs. 
2016 NATCH-2
2015  NATCH-1 V-NATCH 1,  
Wins a Sash in Starter Stakes at 2015 NADAC Champs 
JP7's mom is my Synergy.      
His dad is Paula Goss' Trae.
Here are some pics of Syn and Trae
His brother is my Revolution.